Hugo Award Eligible Work: Better Late Than Never

We are more than a month into Hugo Award nominating season and I have begun collecting recommendations for eligible works that I want to check out before the deadline of March 31, 2014.

And I suppose it is high time that I also posted details on my own Hugo-eligible book: The Science Fiction Reboot (eligible for Best Related Work).

The Science Fiction Reboot page here includes links and details about the analysis and conclusions I come to in the book about reboots such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, V, and even Star Wars. But here are a few you might be interested in visiting:

I am particularly proud of this book because of the way I was able to blend my academic training with my fandom. I was introduced to narrative theory in the fall 2000 semester, during the first required course of my Master of Arts in Writing program, and most definitely didn’t get it. But, as I grew as a scholar, I came to not only understand the theory, but also its inherent power for explaining my fannish experiences. This book, like my other publications, is so strongly rooted in fandom because it is based on several ideas I just couldn’t get out of my head until I wrote them down. So write them down I did.

But there are many more categories in the Hugos and here are just a few of the works/authors I am considering nominating (with related links):

** I’m not the only one recommending Lissa for this award, by the way. Harlan Ellison is urging us to do so as well. See this link to his boards for the original location of this blurb: “I urge any of you who have the Vote to suggest an excellent new writer named LISSA PRICE who wrote STARTERS for Random House YA last year for the upcoming bestowment of the John W. Campbell Award — Most Promising New Writer. A very good read, a sparkling choice for the JWC newcomer trophy. Go viral with this hurrah, if you like, and tell’m SFWA Grand Master Harlan Ellison sent’cha!”

And here are a few resources that list many other eligible works:

So my question is: What else am I missing? What else should be on my ballot?

You have until the end of March to leave a comment here with suggestions.

Happy reading/viewing!


One comment on “Hugo Award Eligible Work: Better Late Than Never

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