Where to find me at Arisia 2015…

Better late than never…if you are attending Arisia 2015 this weekend, here is my panel schedule. I’m excited to talk about each of these and hope you are as well. See you there?

Friday, January 16

Panel #379: Fairy Tales on Film and TV

Location: Marina 1

Track: Media

Day/Time: Fri 10:00 PM

Description: Between Once Upon a Time and Grimm on television, and movies like Maleficent and Frozen, it’s a good time for fans of entertainment based on fairy tales. What makes these works so effective at translating these classics into other media? Why aren’t we seeing more works based on fairy tales and folklore from other cultures? What other works are coming up that deserve to be highlighted?

I am moderating this panel, which will also feature Monica Castillo, George Claxton, James Macdonald, David Olsen, and Hanna Lee Rubin Abramowitz (H-chan).



Saturday, January 17

Panel #355: Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe, 2015

Location: Marina 1

Track: Media

Day/Time: Sat 7:00 PM

Description: In 2014, we saw Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America: The Winter Soldier deal with global corruption, while Guardians of the Galaxy took on Thanos and Ronan. As this panel takes place, we’ll have Agent Carter on TV, with a Netflix Daredevil show hitting in May. We’ll talk about where this increasingly complex and connected universe goes from here, and how things are looking after the last year.

I will be participating on this panel, moderated by Shira Lipkin, along with Elektra Hammond, Ed Fuqua, Kevin Cafferty, and Gillian Daniels.



Sunday, January 18

Panel #1176: TV Writing: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Genre

Location: Alcott

Track: Writing

Day/Time: Sun 1:00 PM

Description: We often talk about what we like and don’t like about particular TV shows, but it’s not easy to tell some genre tales right on the screen. Our panelists discuss the challenges of telling supernatural tales for TV and film, what the limitations of the medium mean for telling those stories, and common pitfalls of writing for TV/films.

I will be participating on this panel, moderated by Thomas Vitale, along with Steve Sawicki, Randee Dawn Kestenbaum (Randee Dawn), and Chris Denmead (Dr. Chris).



Panel #572: Outlander: Scotland, Romance, and Time Travel

Location: Marina 3

Track: Media

Day/Time: Sun 4:00 PM

Description: Outlander has been a huge hit for Starz. How well has Diana Gabaldon’s series translated to the small screen? Does it reflect the tone that fans expected? Is it really aimed at viewers not familiar with the plot? Does the amount of sexual violence in a female-centric fantasy differentiate it or make it indistinguishable from material like A Game of Thrones? Join us for a fun, spoiler-filled discussion!

I am moderating this panel, which will also feature Gayle Blake, Forest Handford, Trisha Wooldridge, and Anna Erishkigal.


Panel #1100: Fear Is the Mind-Killer: Dune at Fifty

Location: Marina 2

Track: Literature

Day/Time: Sun 7:00 PM

Description: In 1965, Frank Herbert’s Dune, which went on to win the 1966 Hugo award, was published. Arriving in the wake of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring a few years earlier, Dune was perhaps the first SF novel to explore ecology on a grand scale. It has spawned several sequels, been adapted into multiple filmed adaptations, and inspired countless works of music in several genres. Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of this seminal work.

I will be participating on this panel, moderated by Ken Schneyer, along with Max Gladstone, Karl G Heinemann, and John Chu.




Panel #562: Topical, Typical, and Trope-ical

Location: Marina 2

Track: Literature

Day/Time/: Sun 8:30 PM

Description: Essays are devoted to analyzing them and TVTropes curates them. “Tropes” usually refer to the motifs we’re used to consuming in fiction, like the Casanova, the Action Girl, the Trickster, or the Hero’s Journey. What families and variations of archetypes add to the grand, literary tradition, and what are the stale, even harmful stereotypes readers could do without?

I will be participating on this panel, moderated by Adam Lipkin, along with Gordon Linzner, Israel Peskowitz, and James Macdonald.


Oh, and the Merida costume and Jedi robe will be making appearances this con as well…



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