CFP: Roundtable on Chronic Illness in Academia

Calling all spoonies, zebras, and other scholars with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses!

With a little less than a month of “official” summer left, I wanted to let everyone know about a roundtable I’ll be running at the 49th NeMLA Annual Convention that will take place in Pittsburgh from April 12-15, 2018 at the Omni William Penn.

Chronic Illness in Academia: A Roundtable (

The academic space we inhabit–as scholars and as teachers–is very much a domain for the able-bodied. Yet, as more and more academics are acknowledging, invisible disabilities like chronic illness are more common than the academy seems to realize.

This roundtable invites proposals from a variety of perspectives and professional experiences navigating an academic space where the opportunities, guidelines, expectations and accommodations are based nearly entirely on imagined ideals of what it means to be “healthy.” Those who self-identify as chronically ill or otherwise disabled are especially invited to submit proposals, though such self-disclosure will not be required.

Follow the link above to submit a 300-word abstract before the September 30th deadline. Members and non-members of NeMLA may submit to as many sessions as they want, although they may present on only one paper presentation panel and only one other type of session (a roundtable or a creative session).




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